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Our Story About Eat Clean Meal Prep

Eat Clean Meal Prep was started with one, the ultimate goal in mind: Making it easier for people to live better, healthier lives.

It began in 2015 when Eric and myself, Bryn, launched our meal prep delivery service in San Diego. The foundation of our brand was driven by our vision to help people eat and live well; to save them time, stress, and the unwanted urge to hit the drive-thru after a long day work!

The response was incredible. Our carefully crafted recipes and prompt delivery service took off faster than we could have ever hoped. Today, we’re one of the biggest locally-owned and operated meal prep services in the country, and we are continually adding people to the team.

Since 2015, we have delivered more than 150,000 healthy meals to local San Diego residents and have expanded to several pickup locations throughout San Diego County; we now proudly deliver everywhere in the city.

2015: Original logo, brown bags, owners handling all prep, packing, and delivery by themselves!

Eat Clean Meal Prep Day

In October of last year, we were bestowed an incredible honor by the Mayor of San Diego: he officially proclaimed October 23rd as “Eat Clean Meal Prep Day” in San Diego. Now, more than ever, we are committed to giving back and supporting our local community and helping people improve their lives through healthy eating.

The Next Chapter: Empowering DIY Meal Prep

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have experienced such tremendous growth in recent years – and we couldn’t have done it without our community! Which is why, last year, we decided to launch the next phase of our business.

People loved the meal prep delivery service, but they also sought ways to handle meal prep at home on their own. Others loved cooking but felt overwhelmed by the overall work that goes into making food prep that’s both delicious and manageable. This inspired the second chapter of Eat Clean Meal Prep: Providing products that would simplify DIY meal prep on a more personal and affordable level. Developing seasonings and providing the tools to facilitate healthy and delicious do-it-yourself meal prep became an instant game-changer.

Giving Back: Our Drive to Empower Our Customers & Local Community

For us, it’s not just about dropping off food or products at someone’s door; it’s about helping to facilitate the best possible lifestyle for our clients. Through this work, it’s also become a way to help the local community.

We are so excited about how launching this business has enabled us to support the community of San Diego. Eat Clean Meal Prep has given us the opportunity to hire a variety of amazing people, such as our fantastic delivery drivers, and collaborate with local partners, like our hardworking produce vendors.

Small businesses helping other small businesses: it’s another reason we jump out of bed each morning. We can’t wait to create even more opportunities to give back, both on a local level and to our amazing customers. Until then, it’s back to the kitchen for us!

We’re all about working together.

The Next Chapter

Our team at Eat Clean cannot wait to create more opportunities to give back – both on a local level and to our amazing customers. Now and until then, it’s back to the kitchen for us!

Bryn Butolph and Eric Phelps

Bryn Butolph and Eric Phelps

What We're All About

Empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle with quality meal prep delivery and supplies to enhance your prep experience.

Save time and reduce stress knowing that you’ll receive the best of our products and services time and time again.

Feel the satisfaction (guaranteed!) of complete customer care, great products, bountiful options, and happy taste buds.

Have peace of mind by staying in touch with us. Have questions or concerns? No problem, we are here for you. Just contact us!

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