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Jr. Chef Combo 6 Pack

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Our Jr. Chef Combo 6 Pack Includes:

  • Zesty Lemon Pepper
  • Taco Party
  • California Citrus
  • Spicy Buffalo
  • Lemon & Dill
  • Herbaceous

*Combo packs subject to availability. Substitutions may be made if one of the spices listed in the pack is out of stock. If more than one is out of stock, we will contact you prior to shipping.

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Jr. Chef Combo 6 Pack Description

California Citrus

You may think that “colorful” is a strange word to describe the delicious tastes of onion, bell pepper, lemon, and orange all mixed into one citrusy seasoning.

Well, we could say that our California Citrus spice mix is filled with layer upon layer of bright, summery, fresh, fruity, mouthwatering, cool, lemony, tart, sweet, subtle, strong flavor.

We could say that our California Citrus spice mix makes a brilliant pairing to any roasted, seared, grilled, or baked vegetable, chicken, or fish, adding that its lovely, fruity flavor brings a unique taste to the table that reminds you of sweltering summer afternoons and cool summer evenings.

We could say that our California Citrus spice mix is inspired by the summery, slightly tropical vibe California is known for, translated into flavors and all rolled into one seasoning mix.
But, “colorful” seems to do the job.

Lemon & Dill

A fairly straightforward herb and citrus mix, Lemon & Dill doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. It’s labeled as “lemon and dill,” and the ingredients are lemon and dill – with just a hint of other organic seasonings to better bring out the lemon-y, dill-y flavors.

Sometimes, that sort of honesty is refreshing.

Another thing that’s refreshing is enjoying the fresh flavor of lemon with the lip-smacking, bright taste of dill on a freshly-cooked chicken or seafood main dish while you enjoy a side of roasted potatoes infused with a light and airy lemon and dill tang, and sit in a lemony yellow dining room furnished with a set of dill-green colored dining room table and chairs and decorated with famous paintings, such as Van Gough’s “Still Life with Lemons on a Plate,” with sprigs of fresh dill in a vase on the table as a simple yet elegant bouquet.