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Pizza is Life

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This Pizza is Life seasoning offers pizza flavors in a healthy form, offering:

  • Hints of roasted garlic.
  • Intoxicating Italian seasonings.
  • A peppery flavor to finish it off.

To that, we say, Mamma mia!

Ingredients: Tomato, Garlic, Black Pepper, Basil, Coriander, Oregano, Parsley, Onion

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Pizza is Life Description

Remember that delicious smell that wafts in with a freshly bought and freshly delivered pizza. The hints of roasted garlic, that good ol’ Italian seasoning, and a peppery flavor finish it all off.

Want to add a dash of those familiar, mouth-watering pizza flavors to your more. . .err. . .healthy meal endeavors?

Well, now you can! With our Pizza is Life spice mix, you can add the sultry flavors of roasted garlic and Italian herbs to your next meal! Eating healthy doesn’t mean bland food! Enjoy that familiar savory flavor of pizza seasonings without the overly sweet, overly salty additives!

Our fresh spice mix uses only organic ingredients and brightens up the more traditional pizza flavor with a complex layering of herbs and spices. When you cook with our spice mix, you’ll not only taste that garlicy, Italian seasoning, but you’ll also taste fresh basil notes, transitioning into a smooth tomato sauce tang, and a perfectly peppered finish.