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Cajun Blackened Seasoning


A tasty cooking essential, our Cajun Blackened Seasoning Mix was born from the pairing of traditional Cajun spices and slightly tart citrus flavors to add a smoky, spicy, and tangy punch to any meal!

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Cajun Blackened Seasoning Description

Our Cajun Blackened Seasoning Mix has its roots in the marriage of French and Southern culinary traditions. The refined and subtle flavors of the French kitchen combined with the comfort and spicy hominess of Louisiana home cooking create an outstanding blend of soft and bright flavors that transforms any poultry, seafood, or vegetable it comes in contact with.
The next time you make a meal, whether a traditionally Cajun gumbo or jambalaya or an unexpected snack like natural homemade popcorn, our Cajun Blackened Seasoning Mix will give it the interest and pop of flavor it needs to transition from just “tasty” to the best thing you’ve ever eaten!


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