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Zesty Lemon Pepper


Our Zesty Lemon Pepper seasoning offers the:

  • Bright, zesty flavor of lemon (from lemon peel zest)
  • Delightful taste of black pepper
  • Hints of savory, magical garlic flavor

It’s a go-to seasoning that’s perfect for a variety of dishes, such as oven-roasted chicken, pan-seared fish or baked tofu.

Ingredients: Lemon Zest Peel, Black Pepper, Garlic

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Zesty Lemon Pepper Description

Warning: this description will make your mouth water.

Imagine the bright, sour, zesty flavor of sucking on a lemon slice. Now, tone that back a little and add the bright, sharp taste of black pepper, then, a hint of cool garlic flavor.

Now imagine that mix of flavors evenly coating oven-roasted chicken or pan-seared fish with a small dash of salt.

It bursts with an abundance of fresh, full flavor and practically shoots off well-seasoned fireworks in your mouth.